About 19Metrics

Welcome to 19metrics! Our founder, Paul Grey, is a successful serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the software industry. He has founded and built two thriving software companies, A2X and Peace Software, as well as an international e-commerce business, ExportX.

Prior to establishing A2X and ExportX, Paul was the founder and CTO of Peace Software. He grew the company from a startup to become New Zealand's largest software product company before it was acquired by a Fortune 500 corporation. Peace Software, was the first NZ software firm to break into the US market and competed with Oracle and SAP in utility customer information systems in North America and Europe.

At A2X, Paul has led the company to exceed 10,000 customers with strong unit economics and a lean, distribution-focused organization. A2X is a successful SaaS business with a track record of product-led growth, and it serves ecommerce businesses in the US market.

The company is well-instrumented, with dozens of metrics updated automatically several times a day. Paul has researched SaaS metrics best practices and developed ideas on what works at what stages for what purposes.

Paul's expertise in the software industry is backed by the endorsement of industry experts. Mark Clare of Clare Capital has described A2X as "the best-instrumented SaaS business he's seen".

Paul founded 19Metrics with the goal of sharing his knowledge of data and metrics with other subscription-based businesses, enabling them to gain valuable insights and set themselves up for success

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